How to Host a Website

How to host a website is a question that all new website developers will need to know. Hosting a website is simply a matter of using a web hosting company.

A Web Hosting Company essentially rents you space for the storage of your website files. Your visitors access your pages from the Internet, from the website hosting company’s server. Your pages are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year – unless there is a problem with the server. They can be accessed by anyone with a computer, an Internet connection, and a web browser.

These days, the choices for Web Hosting services are overwhelming, to say the very least. There are different companies, who all offer different features, at different prices. In fact, the cost ranges from free to hundreds of dollars per month. Before you jump on the ‘free’ bandwagon, however, there are several things to note.

HostGator is an example of a Web Hosting Company.


Free Web Hosting Services

On the Internet, even ‘free’ has a cost. If ‘free’ was actually ‘free,’ most people would use free Web Hosting services. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even those companies that offer free Web Hosting have an overhead, and you better believe that they are getting something out of hosting your website for free. Usually, they gain revenue from ads that are placed on your website – of which you have no control over. Paid Web Hosting services do not put ads on your pages.

Paid Web Hosting Services

Remember that you get what you pay for. Free services offer little or no support, and few features, while paid Web Hosting services typically offer 24/7 support, and tons of features, depending on the package that you choose.

While almost all Web Hosting services – free or paid – have a terms of service concerning the type of material that you host on their server, free services will limit you a great deal more than paid services. Typically, a paid service will not allow anything that is pornographic or racist, or any type of content that is illegal – although there are Web Hosting services that do allow this, obviously.

Cheap Web Hosting Services

There are also paid Web Hosting services that are amazingly cheap, while offering loads of features. These companies also have a habit of disappearing overnight, and taking your website with them. If you have a personal site, this may not cost you anything other than your time – unless you are paid for a specified period of time in advance. However, for a business website, this can be a nightmare.

Mid-Range Web Hosting Services

If your website is important to you, you should probably shoot for one that is priced in the mid-range – around $25 per month or more. Just remember that higher cost does not always mean better service. Look in the midrange for a price that suits your budget, first, and then check out their customer support by emailing them and asking some questions. Also look at the company history, and find out how long they have been in business.

Web Hosting Features

As for features – again – there are many. Carefully think about what you need, and then choose your Web Hosting Company and package accordingly. Don’t worry about what you ‘think’ you may need in the future. Worry about what you need right now and just make sure that the Web Hosting Company offers that which you ‘may’ need in the future. In the future, you can easily upgrade to a new package.

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